AGM 2023 Action Alley

The Action Alley is a space outside the main plenary room for AGM participants to showcase their activism and promote Amnesty campaign actions. Groups, teams and Amnesty structures and members can apply to set up a display, collect signatures, create a photo action or any other creative ideas!

To apply for a space in Action Alley please submit this application form no later than May 25th, 2023.

All applications are subject to approval by the AGMPC.

   I would like to use this space to:  


If selected other, please specify.

Detail of Space needs, for example, size of space needed, do you need a table or chairs, what materials you will be using, do you need access to a wall space or electrical outlet?  
(wifi is available on-site): 


I understand I am responsible for:

 Transporting materials and supplies to the venue, set up and take down of the display/action before 1pm om Friday June 16th and take down by 5pm on Sunday June 18th.