Amnesty International Canada (ES) is dedicated to fostering a virtual community that is open to learning and respecting each other's lived experiences and expertise, collectively   incorporating these values into our human rights work, and learning spaces. This community agreement is not about creating rules—it is about creating expectations that allow everyone in the group to fully participate. Members of our virtual community agree to incorporate these principles into each of our interactions. 


    • Make sure everyone can contribute. 
    • More talkative people: show a little restraint. 
    • Quieter people: your contributions are very welcome. 

  1. Only one person speaks at a time, put up your hand if you want to speak and wait for your turn. 

  2. Respect and learn from each other's perspectives and opinions even / especially if you do not agree with them.

  3. Listen to understand, rather than to just respond: No one knows everything; Together we know a lot.

  4. Participate!

  5. Remember that we cannot be articulate all the time: As much as we may wish we could! Often people feel hesitant to participate in a workshop or meeting for fear of “messing up” or stumbling over their words. We want everyone to feel comfortable participating, even if you do not feel you have the perfect words to express your thoughts.

  6. No exclusionary or harassing speech is allowed. This includes “calling-out” in a way that puts someone on the spot or shames them.

  7. Confidentiality-some things should not be repeated outside of these meetings.

  8. Be conscious of time.

    • Respect everyone’s time and commitment.
    • Come back on time from breaks.
    • Refrain from speaking in long monologues.

  9. Be as present as much possible and manage distractions as best you can.

  10. Turn mobile phones and other electronic devices off to minimize disruptions.

  11. Take regular self-care breaks.