Welcome to our 2021 AGM Chat Room! 

Connect with fellow human rights enthusiast and get to know one another. Please be sure to introduce yourself and let us know where you’re joining us from! 

  • To get started, simply create your Username. This is how you will appear whenever you are signed in/leave a comment. 
  • We recommend using your first and last name, and pronouns as your Username so folks can easily locate you and know how to address you
  • Only have the chat open in one browser or the system will not work as intended, and there may be glitches
  • You’ll be able to private message anyone online, by cycling through the ‘Online Users’, on the left of your screen. This is also where your private messages will appear, under ‘Private Chats’. 
  • Turn on the notifications for the chat, by selecting the Bell icon under your name: Please note this will play notifications for all messages that come through, both public and private.
  • For more tech tips, check out the Critical Information Guide

***Please note that all private messages through the AGM Chatroom will not be monitored. Also note that when deleting your private chats you'll receive a message asking you to confirm that you'd like to "archive"  the private chat. The chat content is not being archived, it is being deleted.

If you would like to bring forward a concern regarding any private conversations, kindly screenshot the exchange and use the process outlined in our Code of Conduct