Inclusion & Accessibility


As an organization committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Amnesty International Canada strives to organize virtual events that are a safe, welcoming, and accessible space for every person who chooses to participate.  

We recognize that the format, content, and organizing model of many virtual meetings—including our own—create barriers to meaningful inclusion.  

We recognize and commit to dismantling the multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination which make our virtual meetings inaccessible to some of our supporters. We commit to organizing our Virtual Annual General Meeting using an anti-oppression lens. 

Our goal is to create a virtual space where every participant feels safe, respected, included, supported, and inspired.


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Community Agreement


Amnesty International Canada (ES) is dedicated to fostering a virtual community that is open to learning and respecting each other's lived experiences and expertise, collectively   incorporating these values into our human rights work, and learning spaces. This community agreement is not about creating rules—it is about creating expectations that allow everyone in the group to fully participate. Members of our virtual community agree to incorporate these principles into each of our interactions.


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Self Care


The very important work Amnesty members, supporters, volunteers and staff are doing takes toll on our minds, bodies and spirits. The added exhaustion of living and working virtually makes this true now more than ever. We do not want the virtual AGM to put a strain on anyone, so we have built longer breaks between sessions into our agenda and activities throughout the AGM so we can all unplug. We are all here to learn from one another, reenergize our commitment to human rights and to connect. Here are some tips and resources to support your selfcare and wellness though out the 2021 AGM.  


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Code of Conduct


Amnesty International Canada English Section AICS(ES) has adopted this Code of Conduct to protect the safety, integrity and reputation of AICS(ES) and its officers, directors, employees, interns, volunteers and volunteer leaders, members, supporters and all other participants in the human rights efforts undertaken by or in the name of AICS(ES). 


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