Deadline for resolution submissions for the 2025 AGM will be in March 2025

Only members are eligible to move and second resolutions, run for election, nominate candidates and vote.  Membership must be current for 30 days prior to the AGM in order to be eligible to vote on resolutions and participate in other governance activities.

Learn more about Amnesty membership and how to update your status to allow for participation in governance activities.

Download the AGM Resolutions Guidelines

Who may submit resolutions?

Resolutions, including amendments to the By-laws or Standing Orders, may be submitted by any member of the Branch and by the Board of Directors (in accordance with Article 6.05 c of By-law No. 1).  Please note that in previous years the support of 5 additional members was required. This is no longer necessary according to our new By-laws. Movers and seconders of resolutions MUST be members according to the new definition of membership.

All resolutions must be received 90 days before the AGM. The Resolutions Report will be posted on the AGM website 60 days before the AGM. Resolutions received after the deadline may be considered by the AGM if 2/3 of those registered for the AGM agree to accept them for discussion.

Membership is necessary for eligibility to submit and vote on resolutions. Membership must be established 30 days prior to the AGM (Article 6.07). By the 30-day membership deadline, all members must have made a financial contribution in the 12 months prior to the AGM AND have provided a written request to be identified as a member. Information about how to become a member of Amnesty

How do I submit resolutions?

Reference documents are available in the Members community resource library through the MYAMNESTY portal.  Documents include Resolutions Guidelines, AI Statute, Branch By-laws, and the AGM Standing Orders.  This online community is only accessible to members. 

Email the Executive Assistant for more information