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Preferential Voting

A number of years ago, Amnesty Canada members decided to shift to a preferential voting system. Preferential voting is an electoral system in which voters rank the candidates (when there are more than two) in order of preference rather than voting for a single candidate. If no candidate secures an absolute majority (more than 50%), the candidate with the fewest votes is then eliminated. The votes for this eliminated candidate are then redistributed among the remaining candidates according to the number two preference indicated on the original ballot.

The process continues until a majority is reached by one of the candidates.

Preferential voting has the effect of avoiding split votes and the need for electors to vote strategically for candidates who are not their first choice.

In the event of a tie between two candidates, the outcome of the election will be decided by a coin toss. 

Online Voting System

This system is user-friendly for both voters and those managing the election. A working group manages the voting process in accordance with Amnesty’s By-laws and Standing Orders. This group is made up of Board Members, staff, Amnesty members and a volunteer who will act as the Chief Returning Officer during the election.