Inclusivity and Accessibility Statement

As an organization committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Amnesty International Canada strives to organize virtual events that are a safe, welcoming, and accessible space for every person who chooses to participate.  

We recognize that the format, content, and organizing model of many virtual meetings—including our own—create barriers to meaningful inclusion.  

We recognize and commit to dismantling the multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination which make our virtual meetings inaccessible to some of our supporters. We commit to organizing our Virtual Annual General Meeting using an anti-oppression lens. 

Our goal is to create a virtual space where every participant feels safe, respected, included, supported, and inspired. We commit to providing the following at the Virtual Annual General Meeting: 

  • Inclusivity and accessibility statement on our website and registration materials 
  • Online Registration includes space to identify ways in which organizers can make the event more accessible to participants 
  • Sliding scale for registration fees, including a no cost option 
  • Diversity of voices represented in plenary sessions and working party sessions  
  • Inclusion of Indigenous traditions and land acknowledgements  
  • Diversity of session formats  
  • During our live sessions there will be options for chat function, ability to speak, and the option to share your webcam  
  • Sessions will include live captions and ASL interpretation by request 
  • Virtual Breakout rooms 
  • Mental Health support available by request 
  • Ombudsperson  
  • Large-format printing and PowerPoint presentations available upon request 
  • Agenda and background documents available in advance 
  • Community Agreement which includes a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment, and violence 
  • Sessions will be scheduled to accommodate participants in different time zones. Many of the sessions will be recorded so that anyone who can’t attend live will be able to watch afterwards 
  • Live sessions will be listed with times zones.

To further discuss how we can help ensure the annual general meeting is a safe, accessible, welcoming space for you, please contact